Implicit bias is the decided view of a person based on superficial, stereotypical data that affect attitudes, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner.

This mindset, left unchecked, leads to unfair practices and  potentially disrespectful interactions that could destroy a teams ability to hire fairly and provide a clear path for opportunities.

Through training in Active Neutrality  your staff will be equipped with the tools be honest about their bias and begin the practice of being bias neutral while actively seeking to know and understand those from diverse backgrounds .

Professional Development 

Winning Mindset 

You can never do too much to engage your employees. Investing in meaningful interactive team-building experiences for your staff is necessary for developing strong team bonds, role clarity and a healthy work culture.

Our tailor-made team building experiences for large or small groups will leave your staff deeply connected, deeply committed and ready to win together as a team.

From Implicit Bias to Active Neutrality 

Interactive Team Building 

The Potts Group proven S.H.A.P.E process will empower your staff to link their success in life and their job to the commitment to personal development, effective communication and teamwork.